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Top 4 Signs Recall Fatigue is Affecting Your Response Rates

One of the greatest challenges for any company facing a recall is combating recall fatigue – when consumers are so inundated with recall news that they tune out individual issues that may affect them. That can have serious consequences for both people and brands. If dangerous products remain in consumers’ homes or on the road, it could result in additional injuries or illnesses – and additional harm to brands. When response rates are too low, regulatory bodies may require a recall reissue, unnecessarily extending the life of the recall.

So how can companies determine whether response rates are low due to recall fatigue – or some other reason? Here are the top signs to look out for.

  • You’re not receiving remedy requests, even with a higher priced item. Inexpensive items are often thrown away, even though a refund, repair, replacement, or coupon is available. But pricier products, such as furniture or electronics, are not so easily discarded. Low response to high dollar recalls can be a fatigue red flag.
  • You’ve been diligent about notification, but aren’t receiving many consumer questions. You’ve issued press releases, notified your retailers, and even announced the recall on social media. Typically, that means phones are ringing off the hook – often requiring a scalable outside contact center to manage the overflow. If you’re hearing radio silence, it may be because consumers aren’t aware of your issue.
  • Response rates are low – but the risk is high. It is unsurprising that a relatively low risk recall would fail to gain attention. However, more hazardous defects should theoretically cause consumers to take notice. If that isn’t happening, recall fatigue may be the culprit.
  • There are many other recalls in the news right now. If your company has the misfortune of experiencing a major recall at a time when no other issues are making headlines, it’s likely your product recall will get more than its share of attention. On the other hand, if another recall is sucking up all the oxygen, yours may get lost in the shuffle. While no company wants to be inundated with negative headlines, if minimal coverage leads to low response rates, there can be negative consequences.

Of course, every recall is different and there is no formula for determining when recall fatigue is occurring – or how to most effectively combat it. In many cases, a recall management company can review recall plans and recommend new strategies to increase response rates and prevent the potential for brand damage that can last long after the recall has ended.

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