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Improving Response Rates with Direct Notifications: How to Get Consumers to Play Ball

It’s no surprise that notifying consumers directly about product recalls is the most effective way to get dangerous products out of circulation. What is surprising is how much more effective direct notifications are, and why manufacturers and retailers don’t use them more often. A study last year by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) found that recalls which employ direct notifications have a healthy response rate of about 50 percent.

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Contact Centers That Drive Results

Most business leaders have been on the receiving end of a bad customer service experience themselves. But few understand how to prevent that experience for their own companies. Too often, contact center procedures leave customers feeling unengaged. For automakers, this can have repercussions with not only vehicle owners, but in some cases, the media and regulators. Many contact centers rely heavily on lengthy, impersonal scripts. This can leave an already agitated customer feeling even more frustrated.

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Recalls, Reacquisitions, and Retention: Many Challenges, One Solution

As most business leaders will tell you, it is easier – and cheaper – to keep a current customer than gain a new one. But many automakers aren’t doing enough to maximize customer retention when a problem with a new vehicle is discovered. While most dealers will properly diagnose an issue correctly the first time, even the most seasoned mechanics are bound to make the occasional error, causing customer frustration.

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Food Flip: Top Recall Causes Can Shift Quickly

While food recalls are making headlines lately for contamination and undeclared allergens, as our Q1 2016 Recall Index noted, the first quarter of the year was marked by a different type of food safety issue: foreign materials.

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Warm Weather Worries: Recall Challenges in the Summer Season

Summertime brings to mind images of sunny, carefree days filled with outdoor barbeques, pool parties, and road trips. But like any season, it is a prime opportunity for a wide variety of product issues leading to recalls.

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