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Accelerating Repair Rates After NHTSA’s Latest Consent Order

Perhaps the auto industry’s biggest challenge took on new urgency in mid-December when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued an amended consent order aimed at raising airbag-related recall repair rates. The changes provide a boost to this effort by defining, for the first time, what constitutes a VIN that is no longer in service and, therefore, no longer in need of repair.

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Global Recalls: A Tale of Two Companies

In an increasingly global marketplace, more and more recalls are global as well. Companies that encounter a safety issue may find a number of global complexities at play. Notification, transportation, disposal, and reporting requirements can vary drastically across borders. In many cases, a recall may not even be mandatory in certain markets. Recently, two companies found themselves facing this situation. Their approaches were very different – and so were the consequences.

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Recall Remedy and Resolution on a Global Scale

Every aspect of a recall is more complex when it must be executed on a global scale, but two stages stand out as especially challenging: remedy and resolution. Whether it’s a medical device that must be repaired, a consumer product that requires a refund, or a medication that needs to be returned and replaced, the sheer scope of a global recall often makes the task more difficult.

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Roll Out the Recall Red Carpet for Customers

Red carpets are not solely intended for celebrities. They should also be reserved for customers – and there’s no better time to roll them out than during a recall. Times of crisis can cause serious harm to your customers’ businesses, and these damages can inadvertently affect their opinion of your brand. Companies can negate this risk by being prepared to give customers an A-list experience in the event of a recall, no matter what stage a recalled product may be in its lifecycle.

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It’s a Small World – and Getting Smaller

Exports are on the rise in the U.S. – nearly doubling as a percentage of GDP in the last 30 years. As more companies go global, recalls become even more complex. This is especially apparent when it comes to call centers. Once a recall has been announced publicly, call centers are the first point of contact for affected customers. In any recall, these should be staffed with specially trained representatives who can show compassion without deviating from the message. In a global recall, there are additional factors to consider.

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