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Product Recall

Processing, Remedy & Disposal

Case Study: Effects of Multiple Recall Providers
Stericycle Expert Solutions

Companies are more often remembered for how they handle a product liability crisis than for the crisis itself. Nothing says more about a company’s concern for its customers than its efforts to remove a recalled product from circulation and make good on its promise of quality. Stericycle Expert Solutions manages recalls quickly and effectively to protect brands and bottom lines.

Ensuring Consumer Safety

Effective removal, processing, storage, and destruction of recalled products is a complex undertaking governed by strict regulatory statutes. Stericycle Expert Solutions offers logistical support anywhere in the world, no matter the size and scope of the recall. Our infrastructure provides state-of-the-art security, complete return integrity, and the surge capacity to handle the influx of product until close-out with regulators.

Enhancing Data Visibility

Our proprietary Crisis Management System enhances data visibility and enables monitoring of the entire recall lifecycle. This contains information about every product’s arrival at the processing center, including:

•   Bar codes
•   SKUs
•   Lot numbers
•   Point of origin
•   Quantity
•   Whether the unit was affected by the recall

This ability to track and document each unit of recalled product helps ensure compliant reporting and prepares you for potential legal issues or regulatory requirements.

Protecting Consumer Trust

Identifying the most effective remedy requires understanding each client’s specific recall situation, risks, customer base, and regulatory environment. Stericycle Expert Solutions takes the time to ascertain the right approach and identify the best method of communication, whether through print, email, or other multichannel methods. We also provide the resources needed to carry it out – whether mailing reimbursement checks or coupons, sending out gift cards, fulfilling replacement products, managing product repairs, or handling software updates. Every action is documented and every interaction is designed with the customer relationship in mind.

Disposing the Danger

Our disposal methods take place in a controlled environment that accounts for each and every affected product retrieved. We ensure hazardous and non-hazardous products alike are disposed of in compliance with local and federal laws and offer numerous environmentally-conscious recycling options. Equally important, we help ensure affected product never makes it back to the supply chain and can provide witnessed destruction whenever it is required – whether by your company or by regulators.

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