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Product Recall

Notification & Response

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Stericycle Expert Solutions

The notification and response stage of a product recall presents a myriad of complexities, which can lead to mistakes that jeopardize health and safety, ratchet up consumer anxiety, increase legal liability, and pique regulator interest. Lines of communication must be open at all times. Messaging must be clear, consistent, and demonstrate concern. Those that engage an experienced partner ensure all the bases are covered. Those that don’t could amplify the risks. And when it comes to a product recall, every second counts.

Keeping Customers Safe

Stericycle Expert Solutions can have your recall up and running within 24 hours – whether your customers are a mile away or halfway around the world. Our comprehensive, customized approach to recall notification includes multichannel communication and response management, contact center, confidential data registries, traceable direct deliveries, safety alerts, and web-based tools that help customers access the information they need to stay safe.

Customizing Your Effort

Customers should never hear a busy signal during a recall. We establish a custom toll-free hotline that fields all inbound calls 24/7. Trained and experienced contact center agents provide information and answer questions from consumers and supply chain partners – documenting each and every interaction for accurate and compliant reporting down the road.

Staying on Message

Our contact center representatives receive the soft skills training needed to effectively address customer concerns. They are versed in the specifics of your recall – ensuring the message is consistently on point at a time when going off script can have significant repercussions. Multilingual agents are available to help customers in many regions of the world. We also offer medically trained personnel equipped to handle adverse events that might result from a dangerous or defective product.

Assisting Your Retailers

Retailers need the right combination of quick execution and comprehensive tracking. Our field force representatives can go directly into retailers big and small to segregate affected product from nonaffected product, keeping them separate and minimizing the impact on sales. We provide the guidance needed to protect the public and maintain customer confidence – no matter where the affected product resides in the supply chain.

Digital Tools

We have the capability to send targeted emails to customers and create recall-specific websites that serve as information clearinghouses for affected parties. The websites enable rapid deployment of fixes including replacement products, refunds, and repair kits, helping ensure your recall is remedied as efficiently as possible.

Preparing Your Team

Our approach to internal communication begins with aligning all departments to ensure an accurate flow of information and seamless message dissemination both inside and outside your company. From communications and marketing to legal and investor relations, your team remains informed and on message in every interaction.

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