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Your guide to a safe, effective, compliant product recall

Product recalls and withdrawals impact thousands of companies every year – putting both people and brands at risk. If managed poorly, a recall can have devastating consequences on a company’s reputation, market share, and bottom line. But with the proper planning and systems in place, a recall event can be effectively managed to mitigate financial and legal risk, increase customer loyalty, and prevent irreparable brand damage.

With so much at stake, companies need a trusted partner to navigate the complex recall landscape. Partnering with Stericycle Expert Solutions allows companies to focus on running and growing their business with the knowledge that recall experts are compliantly and efficiently managing even the most complicated of events.

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The Recall Lifecycle

Preparation & Consulting

Preparation is paramount. Our experts help you build and test a recall plan that takes into account even the most complex scenarios.

Notification & Response

Effective recall notification keeps your customers safe. Our rapid, multichannel, fully-documentable communications capabilities ensure affected parties are reached with speed, sensitivity, and concern.

Compliance & Regulatory Reporting

Regulators are watching. Our cutting-edge recall technologies document every step in the process to make regulatory reporting easier and ensure total compliance.

Processing, Remedy & Disposal

The logistical details of processing a recalled product are numerous and complex. Our team is equipped with the most advanced tools available to remove, process, and dispose of affected product, ensuring compliance and a swift recall resolution.

Recall Retrieval

Removing affected product from store shelves, the supply chain, and even directly from consumers’ homes is a detailed task. It is crucial not only that affected product is removed and isolated, but also that nonaffected product remains on shelves. We have the relationships and resources to manage this process, protecting your brand and bottom line.


Sustainable recall solutions support your commitment to the environment, can reduce costs, and generate goodwill during a recall event. Our solutions are designed for minimal environmental impact.

The Experience to Guide Your Brand Through the Challenge

Benefits of Stericycle recall consulting services

Benefits of Stericycle recall consulting services

Stericycle Managed 5,000 recalls

Stericycle 20 years recall experience

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