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Automotive Recall Management

Fuel Higher Repair Rates with the Stericycle ACCELERATE Outreach Program

Stericycle Expert Solutions has been managing auto recalls for more than 15 years. Over that time, we have honed industry-leading data collection and stakeholder outreach techniques. We pour through complex data sets, including data on scrapped, stolen, or exported VINs, to precisely target the right customers and improve engagement. With the ACCELERATE Outreach Program, multichannel communications keep customers informed of the issue and connected to service providers. Regular tracking throughout the process provides insight into repair rates and helps drive more customers to resolve the issue.

We make the recall process as painless as possible for your customers, and for you.

Better Information, Better Recall

When it comes to owner data, more isn’t better. Accurate owner information is crucial for driving every step in the auto recall process. With enhanced data, the right customers are notified, repairs can be appropriately tracked, and compliance and regulatory reporting can be offered with the utmost confidence. Our exclusive data management practices provide insights on current owners as well as VINs in commercial transit or listed for sale with a dealer or independent owner. This includes addresses, emails, and – most importantly – phone numbers, for the most comprehensive outreach in the industry. We also provide data on scrapped, stolen, or exported VINs. Most important, information is updated regularly to ensure a precise, real-time view at any point in the recall process.

Keep Customers Safe

When customer notification is done right, customer loyalty isn’t just protected, it’s enhanced. When it is done wrong, the legal, regulatory, and brand liabilities can grow significantly. Our scalable automotive-specific contact centers handle any volume of both incoming calls and outreach – and are operated by experienced auto agents who stay on message while alleviating customer concerns. At the same time, our contact centers minimize “no connects” and facilitate a warm transfer to dealerships to complete the repair. Our online communications help drive awareness and provide customizable URLs to disseminate critical information. All the while, our direct mail campaigns help ensure that all bases are covered.

Limit Liability, Maximize Results

Regulators and safety advocates are watching – and they are as aggressive as ever. More important, your customers are watching too. To articulate real concern for consumer safety, it’s no longer enough to simply issue a recall and send a few form letters. Notification must be as swift and as expansive as possible. Repair rates must be high. Customer inconvenience must be limited to the fullest extent. And data must be tracked and maintained at every step of the process for regulatory reporting.

An effective recall not only keeps potential adversaries at bay, it fosters the goodwill needed to maintain strong brand affinity. It’s not the recall itself that differentiates a brand, but rather how well it is handled.

Identify Early Warning Signs

When it comes to safety issues, the sooner they are discovered, the better. Our advanced data analysis can help identify the early warning signs. Using multiple databases, complaints can be tracked and researched to pinpoint patterns with specific parts and performance. By investigating potential safety concerns and developing campaigns earlier, automakers can perform outreach to vehicle owners more effectively to protect both the public and their brands.