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Recall Remedy and Resolution on a Global Scale

Every aspect of a recall is more complex when it must be executed on a global scale, but two stages stand out as especially challenging: remedy and resolution.

Whether it’s a medical device that must be repaired, a consumer product that requires a refund, or a medication that needs to be returned and replaced, the sheer scope of a global recall often makes the task more difficult. Among the factors companies must consider:

  • Does the product contain lithium-ion batteries or other hazardous materials and, if so, what are the transportation and disposal requirements in the various regions where it is sold?
  • What is the cost of logistics when both affected and nonaffected parts and products must cross international borders?
  • Do differences in regulations mean different remedies can be offered in various countries? What are the brand implications if a refund is made available in one market, but repair is the only option in another?
  • Does the remedy require teams on the ground to ensure it is successfully carried out? Are there adequate internal resources in each of those markets?
  • Is the remedy likely to result in a surge of calls? Do we have enough agents to manage that influx? Do they speak all the languages in which our customers communicate?

When it comes to closing out the recall, regulatory bodies require separate and specific information. Companies that operate on a global scale must be prepared for this challenge by ensuring data collection is complete, using a recall consulting company if necessary.

While this list provides an idea of the many factors involved in a global recall, it is far from comprehensive. Each industry comes with its own set of challenges. A mock recall can help identify any other pain points that need to be addressed so that, when a recall does occur, it won’t result in a regulatory misstep or brand-damaging blunder.

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