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Can A Product Recall Be An Opportunity For A Brand To Shine?

A Product Recall Plan Is Key

There’s no doubt that a recall event can irreparably harm a brand’s reputation. But can it also be an opportunity to strengthen the brand? This may seem counter-intuitive, but with a product recall plan in place, companies not only ensure customer well-being, but can also highlight commitment to consumer safety and efficient recall practices.

Whether it’s a toy, automobile, or food product, recalls occur in every industry. When a voluntary recall happens due to a safety issue or product defect, organizations are tasked with recalling all affected or potentially affected products. In addition they must communicate the recall to consumers, regulatory bodies and other key stakeholders. If unprepared to manage these logistics, this can be a daunting task. A company that has a strong plan of action in place and executes to the plan during this type of event can avoid the irreparable reputation damage that follows a poorly handled recall.

Steps To Take When Preparing For A Recall

• Develop product standards that meet government regulations.
• Create a product recall plan to streamline recall response.
• Keep records to allow for proper identification of recall scope.

What To Consider When Creating A Product Recall Plan

1. What is the volume of products that need to be recalled?
2. Do all products need to be recalled or only a specific batch?
3. How will the company identify affected parties?
4. Are notification channels currently in place?
5. Who will communicate with the relevant agencies?

Managing The Crisis

Denials and lack of action during a recall will only exacerbate the negative situation. The longer a product remains in the market and poses a safety threat, the greater exposure the brand has to negative publicity. When faced with a voluntary recall situation, it’s in a company’s best interest to ensure an effective and timely recall process. While some company’s attempt to handle recalls in-house, this can lead to slow and incomplete recalls. By partnering with a recall expert, organizations gain valuable expertise as well as a team to staff call centers, interact with regulatory bodies and carry out the reverse logistics needed to get product off the shelves quickly.

Having a product recall plan and working to execute it with a trusted recall partner helps organizations going through a recall to address the problem, communicate clearly to consumers, and make a full effort. The end result is that the brand’s reputation may emerge just as shiny as ever.

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