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It’s a Small World – and Getting Smaller

Exports are on the rise in the U.S. – nearly doubling as a percentage of GDP in the last 30 years. As more companies go global, recalls become even more complex. This is especially apparent when it comes to call centers.

Once a recall has been announced publicly, call centers are the first point of contact for affected customers. In any recall, these should be staffed with specially trained representatives who can show compassion without deviating from the message. In a global recall, there are additional factors to consider. Communication must be translated accurately. While this may sound like an obvious step, it is one many companies overlook. Using just one incorrect word – such as “no” rather than “yes” – is common and can change the entire meaning of the message.

It isn’t just mistranslated words. Less explicit mistakes can create confusion as well. Failure to account for the local dialect of a community can make it difficult for customers to fully understand the nature of the problem and what actions they need to take. They may overreact to a relatively minor issue or, conversely, fail to recognize the seriousness of a recall that involves a major safety hazard.

In some cases, the physical telephony infrastructure between a caller and contact center can cause delays in the phone connection. Mere seconds can make carrying on a conversation extremely difficult, and customers may become frustrated and angry, potentially causing them to abandon their call altogether.

These missteps can potentially keep customers from following through on the recall remedy, which could be viewed unfavorably by regulatory bodies. They can also do serious damage to your brand and customer loyalty. In the global economy, employing a third party with the experience and capability to handle calls in the many languages spoken by your customers is more important than ever.

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