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Consumer Products

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Consumer product recalls are often highly visible,

time-sensitive, high-stakes events that can have long lasting implications for a brand, including lost sales and damaged customer relationships. To effectively respond to a recall, consumer product companies must communicate with consumers while collaborating with regulators to ensure public safety. In addition, consumer product recalls often demand the fast, accurate removal of affected products from the supply chain in order to safeguard the public.

Proven consulting and execution strategies, delivered by the Stericycle Expert Solutions team of former CPSC officials and consumer product experts, help ensure that recalls are managed with a focus on regulatory compliance, accuracy, and clear communication.

Consumer Product Recalls

From satisfying stringent regulatory guidelines to providing seamless communication with consumers and retailers, having the right strategy is key to resolving events in a way that protects consumers, brand perception, and revenue. The Stericycle strategy utilizes multilingual call center agents with event-specific training to handle recall inquiries. Call center agents are trained to serve as an extension of the brand, which eliminates confusion and miscommunication.

Manufacturers minimize risk and opportunity for errors by utilizing an industry expert to manage every step of the product recall lifecycle including, scope determination, notification, recall execution, product retrieval, remedy management, and product disposition. By leveraging the experience gained from thousands of events, the Stericycle Expert Solutions team brings unsurpassed experience and proprietary technologies to successfully manage and resolve any product recall.

Consumer Product Retrieval

Successful manufacturers work to identify potential product defects before a consumer product recall occurs, reducing the risk of brand damage and regulatory fines. The Stericycle Expert Solutions experienced global field team acts as an extension of the brand, mobilizing within 24 hours when a customer complaint warrants the removal of a product from a consumer’s home and quick initiation of quality testing.

In order to avoid fines or potential legal implications, manufacturers must act quickly when a product needs to be removed from the market. The Stericycle Expert Solutions field team quickly and efficiently removes affected products throughout the supply chain, minimizing risks to consumers and brands.


The customer experience is a leading indicator of both current and future brand performance. That’s true now more than ever before. People want to know a person is on the other side of the phone or screen. They want a trustworthy connection.

Our multi-lingual call center agents provide your customers and prospects immediate, concise, and helpful information through both inbound and outbound channels. To eliminate miscommunications and opportunities for error, the Stericycle Expert Solutions streamlined approach creates a single point of contact for prospect management and customer interactions.

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