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Global Recalls Require Global Alignment

Some recalls are isolated to small markets. Others span continents. Though most recall scenarios pose similar logistical challenges, global recalls have a greater number of variables to consider. The needs and requirements of multiple regulatory agencies, governing bodies, and internal teams must be considered. Thorough preparation, along with expert third-party guidance, can make navigating these variables an easier process.

The Global Recall Gauntlet
Requirements regarding the notification of a recall announcement may vary by country, but it is crucial to streamline the process so the communication reaches everyone affected in a timely manner, often in multiple languages. Achieving this goal begins with establishing a global framework of internal leadership to head regional teams. These teams facilitate their portion of the recall announcement strategy with guidance from senior leadership, as well as head local outreach efforts. Though this may prove logistically challenging, it is a major step in mitigating customer dissatisfaction and retaining brand loyalty.

Working with so many different agencies and requirements can pose challenges beyond the initial announcement. Regulatory reporting, product storage, and disposal requirements can also prove difficult to manage on a global scale. Working with a recall expert can make navigating these competing aspects of a recall a simpler process.

Practice Makes Perfect
Comparable to an emergency fire drill, companies should perform annual mock recall exercises that focus on strengthening internal knowledge and global alignment. Mock recall scenarios provide a prime opportunity for manufacturers to realistically evaluate their recall approach, notification, and implementation techniques. Working within a recall scenario that is probable within their industry, teams have the ability to plan their communication response, assess current regulatory needs, and improve their global recall execution strategy of their internal recall procedure.

Throughout a mock recall scenario, internal communication channels and procedures are tested. It is likely that gaps in communication and deviations from the recall plan will crop up. Manufacturers can utilize these instances to identify areas of opportunity, proactively address communication shortcomings, and ensure teams are capable of executing a recall prior to a potential event.

No matter how unlikely a recall may seem, preparation is key. Manufacturers that establish strong internal leadership, secure adequate third-party resources, and have a comprehensive recall plan in place are more likely to execute a successful recall if – and when – it happens.

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