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Don’t be Tricked – Halloween Treats Aren’t Always Sweet

This Halloween season, Americans will spend nearly $7 billion on everything from creepy costumes to candy. There is no denying Halloween can be a profitable period for businesses, suppliers, and manufacturers – and with that much at stake, the risk of recall can be downright scary.

Candy recalls are likely to garner higher visibility during the Halloween season. Consumer safety – especially that of trick-or-treating, candy-crazed children – drives news stories and articles as the holiday approaches. For manufacturers capitalizing on these seasonal spending habits, this equates to a higher need for product accuracy and, should an event occur, quick crisis management.

According to our data, there have been 124 candy-related recalls since 2012, making up roughly six percent of all FDA recalls during this time period. As with food recalls overall, a majority are due to undeclared allergens. The food industry continues to be haunted by undeclared allergens and the packaging and labeling issues that frequently accompany them – and candy is no exception.

In the event of a candy recall, manufacturers should ensure products are quickly removed from the market. As long as affected product remains in the marketplace, there is a heightened risk to consumer safety and brand reputation. Manufacturers can expedite the product retrieval process for its retailers and supply chain partners by working with a practiced recall expert. The brand can also be bolstered through this partnership, as the manufacturer will have more time to focus on business recovery.

Don’t be spooked this Halloween season – prepare and plan in advance to ensure supply chain and recall partners are ready to assist if and when needed.

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