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The Benefits of a Single Source Recall Partner

Picture it.

You get word of a potential issue with a product. It may be a notification from a supplier, a routine test result, or a complaint from a consumer. After investigating, your company determines it is necessary to issue a recall. Hopefully you have a detailed plan in place, which allows you to begin executing the recall quickly. It outlines clear responsibilities for members of your internal team and lists several outside partners to assist with various steps of the recall life cycle.

Now, you have to coordinate not only with your staff, but also with a number of vendors. Unlike your own employees, these partners don’t talk to one another and have no idea what the others are doing or where they are in the process. If that sounds like a plan fraught with landmines, it’s because it is.

With any recall, there are many moving parts – some of which may happen simultaneously. It is crucial for the right hand to know what the left hand is doing. For example, if one partner is managing notifications and another is handling an influx of calls from concerned consumers, it is more likely the message will be inconsistent. Even worse – it is also likely to take longer for discrepancies in the message to be discovered and corrected.

The pain of managing multiple partners may be most pronounced when it comes to data. The form and frequency of notifications, number of units processed, types of remedies distributed, and more must be carefully tracked and documented at each stage to execute the recall effectively, ensure compliance, and report to the relevant regulatory body. Consolidating data from various sources is painstaking and takes time that can be better spent on other aspects of your business.

Some require recall assistance with one or two pain points; others need help with each step of the process. Either way, choosing a single source partner can prevent a lot of headaches and help companies get back to business sooner.

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