Experience to guide your brand through the challenge.

Product recalls impact thousands of companies every year — affecting sales, testing customer relationships, and disrupting supply chains. Without the appropriate plan, expertise, and systems in place, a recall event can cause irreparable brand damage. Navigating the recall process — from preparation to execution to closeout with regulatory agencies — requires extensive knowledge, proprietary tools, deep experience, and proven best practices.

To help manage a crisis with precision, accuracy, and skill, Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS partners with customers to deliver a wide range of recall consulting and execution services for numerous industries, including: pharmaceutical, consumer products, appliances, retail, medical devices, health and beauty, automotive, unregulated products, and many more. These services help customers protect their consumers, revenue, brand, and public image.


A smart recall plan starts with a thorough review. Stericycle guides companies through the review phase — while also delivering expert consulting service for SOP development, mock recall simulations, and training. This combination of proprietary tools and expertise helps customers control their environment during even the most challenging and complex recalls.

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Notification & Response

Product recall notifications and communications are some of the most critical steps in the recall process. Stericycle specializes in establishing and implementing rapid, highly scalable recall communications services to notify directly-affected parties and indirect customers who may have received recalled products.

Customer response documentation and management is also crucial to ensuring accurate reporting and minimizing risk. Trained crisis contact representatives respond with expertise and sensitivity to quickly answer customer questions, schedule appointments, coordinate replacement product(s), manage website registration, respond to consumer complaints, and document adverse events.

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Compliance & Regulatory Reporting

Product recalls, retrievals, and withdrawals require technology to track regulatory agency requirements – mitigating risk and maintaining compliance. Stericycle’ cutting-edge recall technology was designed specifically to manage and conduct recalls, retrievals, withdrawals, and more. A proprietary Crisis Management System provides proper notification, tracking, processing, data management, and reporting for all components of a recall.

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Processing, Remedy, & Response

Handling recalled products requires a quality-driven process and infrastructure. To ensure accurate data collection and prevent affected products from reentering the marketplace, Stericycle’ expansive, compliance-driven facilities are equipped to quantify, qualify, and quarantine products of all types. Secure, state-of-the-art facilities offer segregated storage of recalled product, the most advanced product handling equipment in the market, and surge capacity to assist customers from a wide range of industries. From scheduling repair technicians, fulfilling replacement product, and providing reimbursement, to issuing consumer coupons, appropriate remedies are designed to meet each recall situation’s specific needs.

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