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Traffic Stops: Another Tool for Completing Airbag Recall Repairs

In light of NHTSA’s updated consent order and its longstanding aspirational goal of achieving 100 percent repair rates, automakers are constantly looking for new and innovative solutions to expand and improve outreach to affected vehicle owners. Now, there is one more tool they can add to their toolbox – routine traffic stops.

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Accelerating Repair Rates After NHTSA’s Latest Consent Order

Perhaps the auto industry’s biggest challenge took on new urgency in mid-December when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued an amended consent order aimed at raising airbag-related recall repair rates. The changes provide a boost to this effort by defining, for the first time, what constitutes a VIN that is no longer in service and, therefore, no longer in need of repair.

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Steering Toward New Safety Measures

Less than a month after issuing draft guidance that would require electronic recall notifications, NHTSA has released another safety proposal – this time aimed at improving vehicle cybersecurity.

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Recalls, Reacquisitions, and Retention: Many Challenges, One Solution

As most business leaders will tell you, it is easier – and cheaper – to keep a current customer than gain a new one. But many automakers aren’t doing enough to maximize customer retention when a problem with a new vehicle is discovered. While most dealers will properly diagnose an issue correctly the first time, even the most seasoned mechanics are bound to make the occasional error, causing customer frustration.

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NHTSA Proposes New Rules…Are You Ahead of the Curve?

In the face of continuing challenges with defective airbags and other safety recalls, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is considering new mandates in an effort to raise repair rates. A new proposal would require electronic recall notifications in addition to standard first class mail communication.

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